The Little Miracle

The tense 5 minutes of waiting in anticipation were over.. She picked up the pregnancy test "pee stick" and with great courage, took a deep breath and told herself "it's all going to be okay" Be positive, she told herself... But it wasn't. five years later, each month, this pee stick was a negative. Her… Continue reading The Little Miracle

What “Mother” Means to Me

When I was researching for our mother's day collection, I wanted to develop a line of charms which were relevant to mothers. this got me thinking that who is a mom? what does the word mother mean? does mom mean being a biological mother to children? does it mean the nurturing soul who selflessly raises… Continue reading What “Mother” Means to Me

Experience Luxury & State-of-the-Art Women’s Healthcare at Rosewalk

While driving across Pancsheel in Delhi, I was distracted  by a beautifully done building with a very intriguing logo which said Rosewalk, Luxury Hospital for Women. With my curiosity ignited, I knew I had to explore this place someday - for you know whenever the time comes! Then I got my chance to do exactly… Continue reading Experience Luxury & State-of-the-Art Women’s Healthcare at Rosewalk

Trying for a baby? Tired of hearing “Just Relax”? This is one such Story!

Well...its been almost 2 years we have been married. I'm 31 years old, and suddenly my body has started craving for a do I know that? My facebook feed is filled with cute baby videos, the tiny clothes make me go awww...and yes I feel happy every time I pickup my brothers kid. So,… Continue reading Trying for a baby? Tired of hearing “Just Relax”? This is one such Story!

A Very Special Mother’s Day

When I was working on The Bump Crew, I realised that many people don't wish expectant moms Mother's Day. This fact puzzled me as with life growing inside you - is she not a mom too? So I created this special video which I hope you guys will appreciate! Mother's Day is all about celebrating… Continue reading A Very Special Mother’s Day


With your newborn wrapped in your arms, it perhaps is the most precious bonding moment for a mother with her child. A baby who is loved, talked to, cuddled with responds better and grows better. Along with this, when the mother breastfeeds her baby, the physical contact and intimacy contributes to emotional growth and bonding… Continue reading BREASTFEEDING YOUR NEWBORN: A COMPLETE GUIDE

Does pregnancy mean no sex?

One of the first things any first time parent ask their gynae & obstetrician very reluctantly is   “does pregnancy mean no sex?” The answer is quite a tricky one. Sex is said to be completely safe during pregnancy, but should be avoided under certain circumstances. These include: You have unexplained bleeding The doctor has advised… Continue reading Does pregnancy mean no sex?

Pregnancy after Miscarriage

For most women, pregnancy whether planned or unplanned brings a mixture of feelings, ranging from bliss, happiness to anxiety. But, sometimes life has other plans. The baby growing inside you is unable to do so. This may cause complications and sometimes, loss or miscarriage. Heartbreaking. Devastating. It really does feels like the end of the… Continue reading Pregnancy after Miscarriage

Can you Wear Heels in Pregnancy?

One of the biggest sacrifices which comes in terms of dealing with pregnancy is giving up Heels!! The sexy stilettos, those snazzy wedges and trendy block heels are slowly gathering dust in the rack. But the question is is – Is it ok to wear heels in pregnancy? The answer is yes and no both.… Continue reading Can you Wear Heels in Pregnancy?