Nine tips to make your Nine months click!

Pregnancy can be tricky, in all its stages. Each trimester has its own set of thrills and challenges. There is a lot, both in terms of emotional and physical changes that an expecting woman needs to deal with. Keeping that in mind, here is a list of suggested things that expectant moms could look forward to planning and be doing.

Pregnant! and then not..

When I read about miscarriages, ectopic or loss, yes I did feel heartbroken for the couple who had to go through it. But, never imagined how much it would truly hurt. Loosing an embryo, foetus or baby whatever you may prefer to call it at any stage 3 weeks, 5 weeks or even 8 weeks… Continue reading Pregnant! and then not..

Planning a second baby – Is there a right time?

Babies change your life forever. That’s one statement that most parents would agree with. But for better or the worst – this is debatable. Whatever be the case, the smile on your child’s face, their innocent questions, the pranks and the silly accidents, these just some instances which can wipe away any negative feelings and… Continue reading Planning a second baby – Is there a right time?

A Very Special Mother’s Day

When I was working on The Bump Crew, I realised that many people don't wish expectant moms Mother's Day. This fact puzzled me as with life growing inside you - is she not a mom too? So I created this special video which I hope you guys will appreciate! Mother's Day is all about celebrating… Continue reading A Very Special Mother’s Day


With your newborn wrapped in your arms, it perhaps is the most precious bonding moment for a mother with her child. A baby who is loved, talked to, cuddled with responds better and grows better. Along with this, when the mother breastfeeds her baby, the physical contact and intimacy contributes to emotional growth and bonding… Continue reading BREASTFEEDING YOUR NEWBORN: A COMPLETE GUIDE