Nine tips to make your Nine months click!

Pregnancy can be tricky, in all its stages. Each trimester has its own set of thrills and challenges. There is a lot, both in terms of emotional and physical changes that an expecting woman needs to deal with. Keeping that in mind, here is a list of suggested things that expectant moms could look forward to planning and be doing.


Experience Luxury & State-of-the-Art Women’s Healthcare at Rosewalk

While driving across Pancsheel in Delhi, I was distracted  by a beautifully done building with a very intriguing logo which said Rosewalk, Luxury Hospital for Women. With my curiosity ignited, I knew I had to explore this place someday - for you know whenever the time comes! Then I got my chance to do exactly… Continue reading Experience Luxury & State-of-the-Art Women’s Healthcare at Rosewalk

Hidden Hunger – The Plague Affecting Urban Kids  

  How many of us can say our kids get enough Zinc, Vit A, Vit B12,, iodine or iron? I believe our response would be – they eat healthy, home-cooked food. Let’s be clear, that does not mean they are getting all the nutrients needed for their body to grow and develop properly. Majority of… Continue reading Hidden Hunger – The Plague Affecting Urban Kids  


With your newborn wrapped in your arms, it perhaps is the most precious bonding moment for a mother with her child. A baby who is loved, talked to, cuddled with responds better and grows better. Along with this, when the mother breastfeeds her baby, the physical contact and intimacy contributes to emotional growth and bonding… Continue reading BREASTFEEDING YOUR NEWBORN: A COMPLETE GUIDE