The Little Miracle

The tense 5 minutes of waiting in anticipation were over.. She picked up the pregnancy test "pee stick" and with great courage, took a deep breath and told herself "it's all going to be okay" Be positive, she told herself... But it wasn't. five years later, each month, this pee stick was a negative. Her… Continue reading The Little Miracle


THE 40 WEEK PROJECT – Potraits of my pregnancy

I had not attempted self-portraiture before. I found it extremely hard and time-consuming. Living in the instant-effort-instant-result age, this was bordering on boring. With so many wonderful subjects around me, why would I choose myself? Then we got the happy news of the impending arrival of our little one! I did not know what was… Continue reading THE 40 WEEK PROJECT – Potraits of my pregnancy

Nine tips to make your Nine months click!

Pregnancy can be tricky, in all its stages. Each trimester has its own set of thrills and challenges. There is a lot, both in terms of emotional and physical changes that an expecting woman needs to deal with. Keeping that in mind, here is a list of suggested things that expectant moms could look forward to planning and be doing.

The Lost Motherhood – The Story of A Million Silent Women

Some of the best projects and inspiration in life comes from true experience. That was the case with The Bump Crew as well. A pregnancy loss can be shattering, even if you knew about it for 3 days, the pain of losing a baby or a tiny embryo is more than just physical pain. It's… Continue reading The Lost Motherhood – The Story of A Million Silent Women

What “Mother” Means to Me

When I was researching for our mother's day collection, I wanted to develop a line of charms which were relevant to mothers. this got me thinking that who is a mom? what does the word mother mean? does mom mean being a biological mother to children? does it mean the nurturing soul who selflessly raises… Continue reading What “Mother” Means to Me

Pregnant! and then not..

When I read about miscarriages, ectopic or loss, yes I did feel heartbroken for the couple who had to go through it. But, never imagined how much it would truly hurt. Loosing an embryo, foetus or baby whatever you may prefer to call it at any stage 3 weeks, 5 weeks or even 8 weeks… Continue reading Pregnant! and then not..

Experience Luxury & State-of-the-Art Women’s Healthcare at Rosewalk

While driving across Pancsheel in Delhi, I was distracted  by a beautifully done building with a very intriguing logo which said Rosewalk, Luxury Hospital for Women. With my curiosity ignited, I knew I had to explore this place someday - for you know whenever the time comes! Then I got my chance to do exactly… Continue reading Experience Luxury & State-of-the-Art Women’s Healthcare at Rosewalk